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Gerald B
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Gerald Broom

Gerald has firm views on art and railways. Born in the Heart of England, he believes the craftmanship of traditional art around the turn of the century has never been surpassed.
He sees railways as a romantic extension, in a unique period of history that, through its social and commercial need was, in concept, altuistic.
The steam engine; fire, water and air was such a demonstration of elemental control, enabling it to blend with nature and humanity on a spiritual and heroic scale.
Having no formal art training, Gerald developed from "steam, trucks and rock 'n' roll to become a professional artist in 1968; his aim to simply present an illustration of a scene before colour film.
Gerald specialises in the field of early railway history and pre-grouping particularly the LMS and GWR groups. He is always willing to discuss commissions.
Original works can be purchased at County Galleries, Railway Street, Altrincham. Fine art prints and greetings cards are also available, published and distributed through Rosensteil's, London.
As well as the railway, Gerald also specialises in English history and heritage, having specialist knowledge in period farming, world war II aircraft, early English and medieval history.
His landscapes cover such areas as the Cotswolds, Yorkshire Dales and Pennines, Shropshire and the border counties and the Midlands in general.

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