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Jim Petrie
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Jim Petrie

Jim was born in Eastham, Cheshire on 23rd November 1930. After attending Rock Ferry High School he enrolled at The Baird School of Art, despite his parents efforts to dissuade him.
In 1950 he went to work in Canada where he moved around various commercial art studios in the Toronto area - modern graphic design being his forte. Two years later he returned to the UK working in different commercial studios but finding no real satisfaction.
In 1960 he moved to Maghull, where already interested in transport subjects, enjoyed the Liverpool - Glasgow express trains running past the bottom of the garden. He was well and truly hooked on the steam scene.
1977, and Jim, together other railway artists of the time, with help from Frank Hodges and Steve Johnson, founded The Guild of Railway Artists.
Kate, Jim's wife, would like to hear from anyone who has any of his paintings, to follow their travels and to catalogue them. Any information to frank.hodges@virgin.net

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