Kate Sullivan GRA

CSX Diesel in MIddleboro

I have lived most of my life in Boston which has trains and streetcars and trackless and rapid transit. Massachusetts has a lot of rail travel. I prefer watercolor and graphite. I have done mostly urban landscape, ordinary neighborhoods and places that I go through often. I am in several New England watercolor societies and societies which also include oil painting. These societies accept generally realistic pictures, including ones with country landscapes.


CSX Diesel in Middleboro

CSX Diesel in Middleboro, Ma, The diesel is coming back from the Keolis yard in the distance.

Huddle at Dresden

Dresden Locomotive Opening Day in Dresden Locomotive Barn, on May Day.


Locomotive in Wolstyn Shed - It is waiting for company on a sunny afternoon.

Luxembourg Visiting Engine

Luxembourg visiting engine, to Trier, running gear. The Luxembourg locomotive’s running gear isn’t painted but shined and oiled.


Yardman Watching the Locomotive in Gerolstein Shed. He and the driver are backing the engine into its stall.

Billerica Shops

Billerica Shops, part of the B&M. Massachusetts on a beautiful afternoon after rain.