Victoria Julie West GRA

Atmosphere, 'feeling of place', contrast and of heart and soul, are all important elements in Victoria West's work.
Railway art, especially in the portrayal of locomotives and what may be termed 'railway hardware', demands a high level of technical accuracy. Victoria's research into any rail subject guarantees her work meets the approval of the most demanding of scrutineers. However, Vicky is first and foremost an artist rather than illustrator.
She attended Middlesbrough and Hartlepool art colleges and gained recognition and awards for her work at both. On leaving college she worked as a photographic technician, although she still found time to paint, with commissions for landscapes, animals, architecture and railways.
Now married - Vicky's artistic career is busier than ever, commissions, exhibitions and of course the demands made by being a full member of the GRA - Life can be tough at times!
Vicky now has her own website: