Steve Wyse HonGRA

Stephenson's Rocket - 3D model

London artist and musician, Steve Wyse now lives in Ramsgate on the east Kent coast. His first railway artworks were painted in oils but when he discovered the Apple-Mac computer in the early 90's the brushes and paints were sidelined to make way for a new sleek 30Mhz Macintosh.
Steve is a professional graphic designer who has produced a wealth of print and web material for companies as diverse as Pepsi, Disney and Sky BSB plus designs over 70 DVD and CD covers for artists both great and small.


Rocket to the Moon

Inspired by Henri de Montaut's 1869 illustration of a train bound for the Moon. This was created using an early version of Cinema 4D software.

The Magic Roundabout

Painted in 1994. 'The Magic Roundabout' was trucker-speak for the M25 motorway.

Another Planet

The painting that inspired Virgin Trains 'Zombie' advertising campaign of 2010. Painted in 1993 - before the Railways Act was passed. The artwork was a vision of the future... Virgin Trains did not come in to being until five years after this painting.

Virgin's Zombie Poster

Virgin used Steve's idea 17 years later in their 'Zombie' advertising campaign.

Just Like Clockwork

More nonesense with Cinema 4D software.

Paint Your Wagon

Again, created with Cinema 4D software.

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