How to join the GRA

Interested in joining the Guild of Railway Artists? Here’s what to do...

Firstly click this link for a printable application form (PDF)
Complete the form, attach it to an e-mail together with six to eight good quality images of your art work and a short biography and send it to:

Alternatively, print off the form for completion and send it with six to eight good quality hard copy photographs (approx. 7" x 5" size) of your art work and a short biography to:

Wynne Jones,
GRA Membership Manager
Guild of Railway Artists
1 Parc Bychan
United Kingdom
LL11 2TJ

If you don’t have access to a printer, an application form can be requested from Wynne at the above address.
Any questions please e-mail Wynne, he will be more than happy to assist.

Helpful Tips

Whether digital images or hard-copy photographs, make sure they are clear.
Try not to include any background.
Crop the image if necessary.
Centre the painting in the photograph.
Pack hard-copy photos with strong card so they do not get bent in the post.

The Process

The Guild Council will review your application and if it is considered that it is likely to succeed, based on the images/photos submitted, you will be invited to present your original pieces of art at the next council meeting for the second stage of the process.
If you are unsuccessful at the first stage of your application for associate membership, you will be informed within a few days.

Associate Membership

An Associate Member of the Guild is an artist whose work depicts railway subjects in an art-form at a standard acceptable to the majority of the Guild Council.
As an associate member you will have full use of the Guild’s online facilities. i.e.
A Personal Profile Page, Original Artwork Gallery, Print Shop and the Guild's Facebook page.
You will receive the Guild’s Newsletter and will be able to participate in organised events.
You will be able to take part in exhibitions by submitting art work to the selection panel for inclusion or by taking part as a volunteer.


Subscriptions are yearly and the preferred method of payment is by bank transfer or standing orders. Cheques are acceptable if these methods cannot be used.